Partner programs

Toptester is a member in following partner programs

Test Lab Gate

Test Lab Gate is a group of private companies, public applied research and educational organizations that provide wall to wall testing services in the field of electronics. TestLabGate members are all located in coastal area of Gulf of Botnic. See more


Airport Cluster Finland

Airport Cluster Finland is an active alliance of Finnish aviation related companies, which is located at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Finland. Cluster offers networking, clustering, info collection and seminars for all companies and actors in the field of airport and aviation business, technologies, services and R&D solutions. See more


KOTEL is an assosiation for co-operation in the fields of research and development of electronics in Finland. It aims to advance quality, reliability and economy of electronics. The co-operation includes the whole life cycle of a product: development, production, delivery, use and service. See more