Touch panel tester

Touch Screen Performance Testing  - Measured understanding of touch screen performance 

Touching is the modern way of controlling devices and applications. The touch feeling is extremely important to the quality experienced by the user. To develop products with touch interface, it is essential to be able to measure the touch – to ensure the best human experience.

Keep your focus on core R&D tasks and let Toptester give you an access to high-end performance tests and analyzing methods created by Optofidelity. The purpose of the service is to enable you to execute touch screen performance tests without immediate investing to test equipment, personnel or other out-of-daily routines or just give quick try-out.

Services for Touch Screen Performance testing

- Test planning and tailoring

- Robot-enabled tests

  • according to manufacturer standards (i.e Windows HCK, Android)
  • according to client own test specifications
  • to measure user interface performance

- Result analysis and visualization

Environmental stress tests combined with performance tests

- Key question for touch screen developers and users is: How environmental stresses/accelerated aging affects on touch screen performance?

- Reliability tests could be easily integrated as part of performance tests.  Commonly used environmental stress test standards are available (i.e MIL, IEC)

Touch & Test platform services could be utilized in

- Touch panel module testing

- Touch-enabled device performance testing

- Touch-enabled device UI functional testing


Service is provided by Toptester in co-operation with Optofidelity

For more information, please contact

Mr. Antti Herajärvi