Short time-to-market with Mission Synthesis


Toptester is using Siemens software for accelerating life-time vibration testing of products. The method is to create a vibration profile to represent the lifetime stress experienced by the product, and yet keep the total testing time as short as possible, perhaps in just a few days.

The creation of the stress profile goes in the following steps:

  1. Mission definition: estimate lifetime or set lifetime target and create duty cycle description (like 60% constant run, 10% high stress, 30% idle).
  2. Data acquisition: measure stresses during typical duty cycle (like acceleration).
  3. Damage potential analysis: calculate Fatigue Damage Spectrums.
  4. Test profile synthesis: calculate overall lifetime stress and create optimal test profile by combining the information from previous steps.

Gain shorter time-to-market by using this method – and at the same time, cut testing costs!

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