Board level component drop tests of up to 30 000 g acceleration  

  • PCB drop tests of up to 30 000 g acceleration – Jedec and MIL-STD available
  • All tests can be carried out in operational mode – components can be measured during tests
  • Full board level reliability service also available

What we offer?

  • Test planning and tailoring
  • Drop testing
    • 1 500 g – 30 000 g acceleration
    • Tests can be performed in operational mode, components can be measured via a daisy chain
    • Jedec (JESD22-B111) and MIL-STD 883 standards available
    • Tests also according to own test standards
  • Full board level reliability service available: test board design, -manufacturing & -assembly and testing incl. failure analysis.
  • Other mechanical and environmental board level tests can be included in the service: thermal cycling, temperature + humidity and vibration


Who benefits from Drop Testing services?

Two main groups of companies use drop testing services: board level component designers / manufacturers and companies who use components in their products. 

 Typical client industries include mobile device and computer industry, electronics, automotive industry and the military sector.  

Main use

Drop testing is used to verify components (IC or audio) and materials in board level (PCB) before mass production. 

An important part of the reliability of electronics is the robustness of component interconnections when subjected to a mechanical shock event (e.g. during handling, shipping, user drop or a collision). In such event, excessive flexing of the circuit board can cause a product failure. 

Drop testing can be used to:

  • confirm the reliability of board level component interconnections
  • compare different component suppliers – to guarantee the meeting of acceptance criteria
  • verify component quality (according to different standards)
  • estimate component lifetime expectancy
  • gather statistical information (i.e to Weibull software) of the tested items for acceptance decision

 Toptester holds accreditation for Jedec (JESD22-B111) and MIL-STD 810G drop tests of 1 500 g, 10 000 g, 20 000 g and 30 000 g acceleration. 

 Guided free fall drop tests are also available for items (devices) up to 10kg.

Why Toptester?

  • Toptester offers drop tests up to 30 000g  – rare in Europe 
  • Like all of our tests, board level component drop tests can be carried out in operational mode, which means that all components can be measured via a daisy chain during drop testing.
  • Toptester can be considered as over-flow capacity to in-house test facilities
  • Toptester can also provide Failure Analysis services (i.e cross-section sample) in case of failure
  • Drop tests could be utilized as part of Full board level reliability service, which includes 
    • test board design
    • test board manufacturing
    • test board assembly 
    • testing including failure analysis

 Available tests for board level testing include drop tests (up to 10000 - 30000g), thermal cycling, temperature + humidity and vibration (according to e.g. Jedec, MIL-Std)

  • Our price includes everything from shipping and storage

Equipment and methods

We use testers that are manufactured by Salon Teknopaja and Lansmont. Toptester has four drop testers equipped with event detectors and data loggers. Test gathers statistical information of the tested items for acceptance decision.  

High acceleration levels of up to 30 000 g are a result of R&D by Toptester. Toptester is one of the few test houses in the world that are capable of this.

Tests are suitable for Jedec, MIL and other standards. 

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Our service prices include everything related to the testing process, so you can concentrate on your core functions.  

Toptester in brief

  • We are  a privately-run test house, operating in Rovaniemi, Finland since 2001

  • We specialize in  environmental and mechanical reliability testing and consulting for R&D and verification functions

  • Our mission is to help clients conquer global markets by offering high quality testing services

  • We hold  ISO 9001 certificate and IEC / ISO17025, JEDEC and MIL-810G accreditations