Environmental tests


Toptester provides a wide selection of environmental tests.

Temperature and humidity changes are the most common environmental impacts that products meets during their life-cycle. Tests are done in environmental chambers, where rapid and large changes accelerate test impact for product. Testing procedure is used to test components and devices reliability against electrical failures i.e according to standards (i.e IEC 60068) or against customers own test specifications.

Thermal Shock affects differential expansion to product, where different parts of an object expands different amounts. In test component or device is stressed repeatedly with rapid temperature changes from -40 up to +120 degrees of Celsius. Thermal shock test is also widely used to collect data for R&D or product verification purposes.

HALT /  HAST (Highly accelerated Life Test / Highly accelerated Stress Test) testing is often called as destructive testing as well. Equipment under test is placed in the most harshest environment for a long period at the time (i.e  high temperature, high relative humidity) . Highly accelerating impact could be modified rougher with air pressure in HAST chamber.

Wind Driven Rain test is designed for products that are designed for outdoors usage, where products are often subjected to not only temperature, but also strong winds and hard rains (i.e airports, masts etc.). These can be tested with our Wind Driven Rain equipment, capable of wind up to 40 m/s with rain and 67 m/s without rain. Wind driven rain test could be done i.e according to Telcordia (GR-487-Core ) and MIL-STD (810F / Method 506.4).

Icing rain test is designed by Toptester for outdoor products that are used in conditions where temperature could drop below zero and has functionally critical role for end-user i.e in airports, communication etc.. Test set-up is exceptional.

Salt spraying (Corrosion) is useful for evaluating the quality and the uniformity of protective coatings. In coastal areas all equipments and materials are exposed to salt spray atmospheres. Salt fog can reach the equipment also during transportation on sea or on the roads in winter time. These conditions are simulated in Salt Fog chamber. Corrosion effect in chamber could be harden by modifying PH level.

Water tightness (IP class) test gives proof for designer or manufacturer of products compatibility against defined tightness need. Common standard for water tightness is IEC 60529.

Fire resistance test are done for many different kind of purposes, where burning is inevitable or possible. The most common tests done in Toptester´s fire test room are Equipment Assembly Fire Spread, UL fire resistance classification and short circuit situations.

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