Icing Rain tests

Make sure your products remain fully functional even while covered in ice

  • Icing and Freezing Rain tests with our unique, walk-in test setup – for R&D and verification functions
  • For products used in environments such as airports, offshore locations, telemasts and arctic conditions
  • Tests can prove product quality and be utilized in sales argumentation, MIL-STD verification available

What we offer

  • Test planning and tailoring
  • Icing Rain tests (MIL-STD 810G 510 Freezing Rain available)
  • Result analysis
  • Other environmental and mechanical tests can easily be integrated in testing
  • You can observe the test and use information in R&D purposes – e.g. for designing warming systems
  • Toptester can also provide you with consulting on product sketches in pre-prototype phase – before actual prototype testing

Who benefits from Icing Rain testing services?

In short, companies who design products to be used in environments where icing can be expected. 

The test is designed by Toptester for outdoor products that need to remain fully functional and operational in conditions where the temperature could drop below zero – resulting in icing. Typical examples of such harsh environments are airports, offshore locations, shipping, telemasts and arctic conditions.

By investing in testing products and components during development phase, you can anticipate problems and engineer solutions earlier. Through our expertise in the field, Toptester can also provide consultation in the pre-prototype phase – to save you time and money later. Fixing problems in later phases, or in products that might already have entered the market, is costly for both budget and reputation. 

Icing rain tests can also provide unique sales argumentation opportunities concerning product quality, reliability and resistance capacity. Please take a look at this video by Suunto.

Main use

Icing rain tests can be used to:

  • Confirm product performance, operationality and functionality in extreme weather
  • Check for products capacity to prevent penetration of water or ice
  • Verify operation in weather extremes according to standards such as MIL-STD 810G 510 Freezing Rain 
  • Test and design warming systems – you can observe the test closely and use the information in R&D

Why Toptester?

  • Rare test setup, very few test houses are able to provide service with matching specifications
  • Icing Rain tests provide unique sales arguments concerning product quality, reliability and resistance capacity
  • Possibility to confirm products according to MIL-STD 810G 510 Freezing Rain 
  • Wind-Driven Rain resistance tests can be combined with other environmental and mechanical tests
  • Our price includes everything from shipping and storage

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