IP testing in Toptester

  • Pre and post test consultancy regarding testing, test coordination also available

What we offer

  • Test planning and tailoring
  • Pre and post test consultancy, test coordination
  • Options

    • Measuring during tests
      • With Dataloggers or Event detectors
      • Please ask detailed information of measuring capacity
    • For touch screen developers: Environmental stress tests combined with touch screen performance tests
  • IP tests as follows 

(Supplier = Supplier used, Pls ask = More detailed info needed for quotation, NA=Not available)IP

    • x5
    • 6x
    • Sand and dust (Supplier used)

Who benefits from IP testing services?

 Companies, who want to ensure product housing and sealing. 

Toptester executes some tests in cooperation with other testhouses. Toptester can coordinate the tests on behalf of the client when needed.

Why Toptester? 

  • Gain access to state-of-the-art testing and analysis methods without heavy investment
  • Toptester is currently the only test house in Europe able to provide this level of service
  • Our price includes everything related to testing – also measurement and reporting.

Test equipment

We use widely Toptester test equipment capacity for MIL testing. All test devices are calibrated regularly and meet ISO9001, ISTA and ISO/IEC 17025 requirements.

Accreditations, certifications and standards

 Testing can be arranged according to: 

  • All tests are done under ISO 9001 certification
  • MIL-Std 810G and Jedec tests according to IEC / ISO17025 accreditation

Let's get started! 

Please use our form, send us an email (info@toptester.com) or call us (+358 207 599 989) for quotation or more information.

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Our service prices include everything related to the testing process, so you can concentrate on your core functions.  

Toptester in brief

  • We are  a privately-run test house, operating in Rovaniemi, Finland since 2001
  • We specialize in  environmental and mechanical reliability testing and consulting for R&D and verification functions
  • Our mission is to help clients conquer global markets by offering high quality testing services
  • We hold  ISO 9001 certificate and IEC / ISO17025 accreditations