Mechanical tests

We provide wide variety of mechanical tests for R&D and verification.

  • Vibration
  • Drop testing
  • Materials testing
  • Firearms resistance
  • Vandalism

Vibration testing is needed for testing the impact of vibration on products, eg during usage and transportation. Link to Vibration test equipment.

Drop testing (guided)
 is used to verify components (IC or audio) and materials in board level (PCB) before sending to mass production. Test is used to quarantee that (subcontractor´s) quality meets acceptance criterias. Test gathers statistical information (i.e to Weibull software) of the tested items for acceptance decision. Testers used for dropping are suitable for Jedec standard. Link to Drop Testing equipment.

Drop testing (guided free fall) are also available for items up to 10kg.

Random dropping could be executed by tumbler.

Material testing is needed in quality control to verify components and materials before mass production. In testing procedure material or component is either bended, pulled or towed to collect data for analysis. Test could be modified for component testing (i.e IC, AV) as well. Link to Material testing equipment.

Firearms Resistance test is executed by shot-gun or rifle according to Telcordia GR-487.

Vandalism tests are often tailored tests according to equipment under test, but typical vandalism test is done with common tools.

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