Material test

Material testing is needed in quality control to verify components and materials before mass production. In testing procedure material or component is either bended, pulled or towed to collect data for analysis. 

Toptester has two Lloyd manufactured material testers (max load 5 kN / 1 kN) for material testing purposes. The force applied to the tested material can be recorded. For custom test purposes, also pneumatic test equipment is available.
Toptester material testing with Lloyd Instruments

Test Features

Test equipment

Lloyd LRX Plus/C 5kN

  • 4 interchangeable load cells (2.5 kN, 500 N, 100 N and 20 N)
  • X-Y table
  • custom made test jigs
  • PC integration with Nexygen MT v4.5 materials testing software


  • Force range 5 kN
  • Data sampling rate 1000 Hz
  • Travel: 1 to 735 mm
  • Speed 0,01 to 1020 mm/min
  • Accuracy <0,2%
  • Load resolution < 0,005% of load cell used
  • Extension resolution < 0,1 micron