Printed wiring board level reliability test

This service is for companies in need to test, verify or benchmark component reliability. The service can be utilised by companies having their own component design and manufacturing, or optionally by operators buying components for their own use.

Besides verification needs, Toptester BLR (Board Level Reliability) test services could be used also for R&D purposes.

Test Features


  • Board Level component tests according to IEC, Jedec, MIL 883, AEC or client own specification.
  • Accredited test house for many component-level tests according to Jedec standard

Test equipment

  • 2 pcs Lansmont drop tester
  • 2 pcs Salon Teknopaja drop tester
  • 3 pcs Espec TSA-101S-W thermal shock chambers
  • Toptester testing capacity can be utilized only as outsourced testing facilities (meaning that own testing facilities are not needed), or optionally to support existing in-house testing functions (to benchmark, or as over-flow capacity).

    Toptester has also launched a BLR Full Service-Concept, which means that the client can outsource the whole testing process/project under Toptester coordination. In Full BLR service, Toptester handles the whole component testing process from board design and manufacturing, to component assembly, ending to actual Testing on Board-Level. One of the key benefits for our customers is reduction in project´s time consumption.

    Special tests available, e.g. drop tests up to 30.000g, vibration up to 100Hz, 4-point bending tests

    • Thermal Cycling (incl. Humidity)
    • Thermal Shock
    • Drop
    • Vibration
    • Four-point bending


    • Failure Analysis
    • Measurements in-situ during tests
    • With Dataloggers or Event detectors

    Please ask detailed information of measuring capacity by sending us an email: