Touch Screen Performance testing

Advanced testing services for companies who develop and use touch-enabled technology in their products

  • Ensure top-level touch screen user experience by testing touch performance
  • Gain access to high-end test setup created by OptoFidelity – without heavy investment
  • Integrate touch performance with environmental stress and aging tests – MIL and IEC standards available

What we offer?

Moderate-level performance tests:

  • Performance tests are based on existing test-setup (plug-in with Wifi or USB)

  • Robot enabled tests

    • according to existing test program

  • Result analysis and visualization

  • Possibility to combine with environmental tests

Advanced-level performance tests:

  • Test planning and tailoring

  • Test set-up programming

  • Robot-enabled tests

  • According to manufacturer standards (e.g. Windows HCK, Android)

  • According to client own test specifications

  • To measure user interface performance

  • Result analysis and visualization


  • Environmental stress tests combined with touch screen performance tests

  • Key question for touch screen developers and users is: How does environmental stresses/accelerated aging affect touch screen performance?

  • Commonly used environmental stress test standards are available (e.g. MIL, IEC)

Who benefits from touch screen performance testing services?

Companies, who develop and use touch-enabled technology in their products, want to ensure the best user experience possible. Achieving this requires testing the performance and reliability of the touch screen.

In co-operation with OptoFidelity, Toptester gives you access to high-end, state-of-the-art touch screen testing methods. With our help, you can focus on your core R&D functions. We enable you to execute touch screen tests without heavy investment in technology, personnel, knowhow and out-of-daily routines associated with testing.

Main use

The aim is to make sure that the touch-enabled device user experience is as good as intended.

Touch-enabled technology is the modern way of controlling devices, applications and all sorts of equipment. The sense of touch and how the touch panel responds is extremely important to the quality experienced by the user. To develop products with touch interface, it is essential to be able to measure the touch – to ensure the best human experience.

Touch & Test platform services could be utilized in:

  • Touch panel module testing

  • Touch-enabled device performance testing

  • Touch-enabled device UI functional testing

Touch performance consists of the following measurable items:

  • Tap accuracy, ie. the accuracy of the tap position in the touch panel compared to the programmed position of the tap

  • Tap latency, ie. the level of delay in reproducing the intended functionality when tapping.

  • Jitter, ie. variation in detected touch screen coordinates while finger is motionless or drawing a straight line

  • Swipe accuracy, ie. how accurate the touch panel coordinates are compared to the actual, programmed position of the swipe

  • Reporting rate, ie. the frequency of reporting in the touch panel

Why Toptester?

  • With us you gain access to state-of-the-art testing and analysis methods without heavy investment.

  • Toptester is currently the only test house in Europe able to provide this level of service.

  • Our partnership with field leading OptoFidelity ensures the high quality

  • Our expertise in reliability testing allows you to combine environmental stress tests as well as the effects of aging with touch screen performance testing

  • Commonly used environmental stress test standards (MIL, IEC, etc) are available

  • Our price includes everything related to testing – also measurement and reporting


Test equipment and methods

We use a touch performance measurement robot and analysis methods created by OptoFidelity.

Tampere-based OptoFidelity is the world leader in robot assisted test and measurement systems for smart device ecosystem.

Accreditations and standards

Testing can be arranged according to:

  • All tests are done according to ISO 9001

  • MIL-Std 810G and Jedec tests according to IEC / ISO17025

  • Manufacturer standards (e.g. Windows HCK, Android, etc)

  • Specifications of the client

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Our service prices include everything related to the testing process, so you can concentrate on your core functions.  

Toptester in brief

  • We are  a privately-run test house, operating in Rovaniemi, Finland since 2001

  • We specialize in  environmental and mechanical reliability testing and consulting for R&D and verification functions

  • Our mission is to help clients conquer global markets by offering high quality testing services

  • We hold  ISO 9001 certificate and IEC / ISO17025, JEDEC and MIL-810G accreditations