Wind-Driven Rain resistance tests

Make sure your products can withstand the elements in harsh, wet and windy environments 

  • Wind-Driven Rain resistance tests of up to hurricane levels – 40 m/s with rain, 67 m/s without
  • Necessary for products used in environments such as airports, offshore locations and telemasts
  • Tests can prove product quality and be utilized in sales argumentation, Telcordia and MIL-STD verifications available

What we offer

  • Test planning and tailoring
  • Wind-Driven Rain resistance tests of up to 40 m/s with rain and 67 m/s without rain
  • Commonly used environmental stress test standards are available (Telcordia and MIL-STD)
  • Result analysis
  • Other environmental and mechanical tests can easily be integrated in testing

Toptester can also provide you with consulting on product sketches in pre-prototype phase, before actual prototype testing.

Who benefits from wind-driven rain resistance testing services?

Wind-Driven Rain tests are necessary for products that are designed for outdoor use in harsh environments. For example in airports, offshore locations, shipping industry and telecommunications, products are often affected by not only severe temperatures, but also strong wind and hard rain. Products designed for such conditions can be tested with our Wind-Driven Rain equipment, capable of wind up to 40 m/s with rain and 67 m/s without rain. 

Wind-Driven Rain test can be carried out according to Telcordia (GR-487-Core ) and MIL-STD (810F / Method 506.4). Please ask for other standards and specifications.

Main use

The main aim is to ensure that products are capable of withstanding the conditions of the intended environment of use. Wind-Driven Rain tests are useful in R&D and verification purposes for a large range of products. 

Besides meeting mandatory requirements, the fact that a product has  passed for example a rigorous Wind-Driven Rain MIL-STD test can also be a very useful and convincing sales argument about the quality and toughness of the product. For example Suunto – who build sports watches for the most demanding conditions – have used Toptester in quality and reliability tests. Please see the video below.

In the Wind-Driven Rain test, the high wind speed turns water into diminutive droplets. Combining this with the difference in air pressure between the test chamber and the inside of the tested product makes the test more severe compared to sinking the product in water. 

The test is designed to combine over 20 m/s windstream and water flow of at least 6 litres/min. Toptesters Wind-Driven Rain test setup can replicate environmental levels of Hurricane Katrina. Wind-Driven-Rain equipment can also be utilized in wind-load tests of up to 67 m/s.

Can you think of ways to utilize our tests in R&D, verification or in sales argumentation? Contact us for an offer or additional info. 

Why Toptester

  • Rare test setup, very few test houses are able to provide service with matching specifications
  • Our Wind-Driven Rain tests are considered to be more severe than dipping the product into water – replicating a hurricane scale environment is possible.
  • Possibility to confirm products according to MIL-STD and Telcordia standards
  • Wind-Driven Rain resistance tests can be combined with other environmental and mechanical tests
  • Our price includes everything related to testing – also shipping and storage 

Equipment and methods

Wind Driven Rain test equipment are designed to create / replicate hard wind and rain. Tests can be performed in accordance with MIL-STD 810F / Method 506.4 and Telcordia GR-487 Core.

Equipment specifications:

  • Open air apparatus, diffuser chamber length 9m
  • Controllable wind speed up to 40 m/s (with flow controller up to 67 m/s without rain)
  • Water can be injected into wind through 8 nozzles
  • Amount of water controlled by a flow meter
  • Wind area diameter 1.6m, fan diameter 1.8m
  • Turntable mounting platform for device under test
  • Data logger measurement system for wind speed, water flow and water temperature

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